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Stay anonymous and untracked on any website form any location.we protect your privacy changing your physical location (IPaddress).So websites, hackers, and advertisers can't track you


We'll helps you access blocaed websites, and whatever data you send (personal passwords or credit cards data), whatever WIFI you use 100% secure.


Pay for 1 get 5 for FREE! While one subscription you can use our VPN on up to 5 Devices. You can use any device (desktop,tablets)and any platform (macOS, iOS, Android).


JUMPING VPNis free to download and offers 7-days trials for monthly!


What people are saying

It's a great APP, This VPN enables me to access other national networks, and its connections are fast, so long as we click on the link.

Tom G.

Connect the VPN, you can access the network of other countries, only a few seconds, you can on the network to find the information we need, and so on.


The APP I download, use for a long time, open the APP, connect the VPN, choice we want to visit the country, and then you can access the network.


Frequently asked questions

If you need more information, read the FAQ below. We’re always here to help, just drop us an email at [email protected]

Since you are connected to VPN, your IP address changes. So, Gmail recognizes you as someone else from a new location; That’s why this error pops up. To get rid of it, enabling Google's 2-step verification is highly recommended.Not only will it increase your account's security, you will not have this issue when attempting to log in while VPN is running.

VPN app is like other apps you have on your device, and obviously has no significant effect on battery usage like all other apps. Note that when your WiFi or Mobile Data is on, your device will use battery faster.
Don't worry! Upgrading to premium level is not obligatory. Customers could still use the free version without any limitation. Premium users will be able to connect to the servers they choose between The US, Canada, France, Germany, and some other countries. Premium users will have the advantage of connecting to dedicated servers that are only for premium users with less traffic and better speed.

You may first connect to Betternet and then visit the link below:

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